You're already an expert at what you do. You don't have to be an expert web designer too.

Imagine how great it would feel to have a website you love without the time, cost, or stress of running it.

Clinic Sites gives you a site you love without the pain of running a website. 

You will love the benefits of this platform.

The features are so helpful, you'll be inspired about your online presence again.
It's Easy To Set Up
Just purchase your site, pick a template, and we will put your site together for you.
It's Easy To Edit
Not only do we stay in sync with your Jane account, you'll love how easy it is to customize and adapt your sections and pages.
You Get Personal Tech Support
You don't have to get support from a chat bot or a Youtube tutorial. Our team will make sure you have all the help you need to get the site you want.
We created a platform so easy to use anyone can make updates in moments.
No more confusion, stress, wasted hours trying to figure out your website.

Our sites were built for busy clinic owners, administrators, and anyone who wants to have a beautiful website but isn't a tech expert. We've designed something simple and powerful so that you can enjoy having a great site without the stress or cost.

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Need Inspiration? Clinic Owners Just Like You Have Created An Outstanding Website

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We understand how hard it is to run a website when you are busy running a clinic.
Our website builder can create a custom website for your practice within minutes of you getting started.

Either set it and go or take some time and explore all the features you can add:

  • New Pages
  • Blog
  • Videos
  • Images 
  • Event Calendar

It's all there and it's all yours when you sign up. Of course, if you need some help getting your site going, we are here to help.

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Does Your Website Need A Little Boost?
Learn the four essentials of a winning website.

Learn how beautiful design, a clear message, strong SEO, and the ability to control your content transforms how you and others see your website. Once you learn these things, you'll never look at a website the same.

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Not Sure If You Can Build A Site Of Your Own?
Neither did Sandra Edwards. But she did. It only took her a few days to accomplish. Now she has a beautiful website she created on her own.

We are passionate about empowering clinicians to leverage the power of a great website. Sandra now has a beautiful website she loves to show off to potential clients.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

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"We just had a new patient call in and specifically say that the reason she chose us was that she was extremely impressed with our website. 

I finally have a website that I like. The site is much more personalized to my style and doesn’t spew nonsense like my old stock site. If you’re thinking of making a change in your site, I cannot recommend Clinic Sites enough."

Dr. Joshua Gregory

Hometown Health (

“We love our website.

As fairly new graduates opening our first practice, we have learned there is both a good bit of excitement and nervousness with every decision and purchase you make. From the first connection we had, it was obvious we had chosen the right team to work with." 

Drs. Zach and Brynn Wurth

Wurth Chiropractic (

Here's How To Get A New Site In Minutes

It's Our Simple Process
Choose Your Look
You get to customize how you want the site to look.
Customize Your Content
This includes colors, fonts, services, staff pics and bios.
Launch Your New Site
You can still add your own content and customize but your site will be ready in minutes.

You Don't Have To Despise Your Website Anymore

Get A Simple And Fully Customizable Website Done For You In Just Minutes
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